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Asperger’s syndrome in adults is a psychological condition wherein the adult prefers to be isolated from the crowd. This condition is a mild form of autism. The person who has Asperger’s syndrome does not understand the social norms. Though, the adult would still be able to do normal things and still can accomplish tasks; however, he has a big problem with interacting or communicating with other people. He would always prefer to be alone and often avoids any social gatherings like weddings, birthdays and parties. The person with Asperger’s syndrome can still communicate but the he would have difficulty in starting or ending a conversation.

Symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome in Adults

Asperger’s syndrome in adults is hard to detect because the person who has this is physically and mentally normal. Constant and detailed observations of the different symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome in adults should be done in order to confirm the diagnosis.

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  • Communication – The adult affected with Asperger’s syndrome has difficulty in expressing himself and a conversation with another person becomes an absolute burden. He would often misinterpret innocent hand gestures and facial expressions. The person with Asperger’s syndrome also has trouble in maintaining eye contact.
  • Social interaction – He often feels intimidated and uncomfortable with a crowd and prefers to be by himself most of the time. He would also avoid any social gatherings such as parties and events, and even the thought of going to one would make him feel nervous.
  • Daily routine – The person with Asperger’s syndrome thrives on order and routine. He would have a specific time to wake up, read the paper or have the afternoon jog. If something would come up that would alter his schedule, he would easily be devastated.
  • Hobby – When a person with Asperger’s syndrome would become fascinated with a certain hobby like photography and music, he would become obsessed and would give his best to perfect that activity. An Asperger’s syndrome person’s outputs are so beautiful that it could gain them employment or awards.

Treatment for Asperger’s Syndrome in Adults

Therapies are offered to adults with Asperger’s syndrome. However, it is a permanent condition and there are no medicines to cure it. The person who has this condition must be willing to seek help from the therapist. During their sessions, the therapist or psychologist would listen and understand the patient’s point of view and would try to make his patient understand and embrace his condition in simple and understandable terms. This way, the person with Asperger’s syndrome will slowly appreciate and accept himself more, and thus start trying to open himself up to other people. It is not an easy battle; the willingness of the person and constant sessions with the psychologist would greatly help the person in managing and living with his condition.

Asperger’s syndrome in adults is a manageable condition to have. Constant visits to the therapist would significantly help. More importantly, the persons living with or working with an individual with Asperger’s syndrome must try to understand and encourage him so that he will feel more confident with himself.

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