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Pictures of bed bug bites, find answers to do bed bug bites itch, symptoms, treatment and what does bed bug bites look like .

What do bed bugs looks like ?

Bed bugs are one among the varieties of insects, belonging to the insect family of Cimicidae. It is a reddish brown, tiny, non-flying parasite that feeds on the blood of human beings and animals. The adult bed bugs grow to a length of 5mm to 7mms and the juveniles can be as small as 1.5mm. The bugs have flat body resembling a small cockroach or ticks, and crawl rapidly. 70 F – 80 F degree temperature is the most suitable climate for the bugs to grow rapidly and produce three generations within a period of one year.

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Bugs can live in any area in a house, especially in bed rooms. Bugs concentrate more in beds, mattresses, box springs, bed frames, furniture cracks, cloths and upholstered furniture.

The presence of egg cases, shed skins and fecal stains in furniture cracks, crevices are the indications that bed bugs have infested the place.

Bugs bite on any exposed skin area of a person when he is in sleep. They are more active during night.

Normally the bug bites do not need treatment. If the itching is severe and persisting, steroid creams or antihistamines may be applied for relief.

Where do bed bugs come from ?

Before World War II, bed bugs were prevalent in US. By the use of DDT in 1940s and 1950s, they were almost eradicated. But they were present in rest of the world. Once again its presence is noticed due to increased travel and immigration, and due to restrictions imposed on the use of strong doses of pesticides. Bed bugs infest under the conditions of unhygienic crowded living, poor sanitation and at places where nesting of birds and mammals happen near the homes.

Apart from the furniture cracks, crevices, mattress, curtains, carpet edges, corners of garments, wall paper cracks; the bed bugs can also exist in vacant homes, because they can survive without feeding even for a period of one year.

Reports and several law suits confirm that bed bugs do infest hotels and restaurants, because the bed bugs can travel in garments and suitcases of people from place to place and from hotel to hotel and homes, and vice versa. Apart from hotels, places where people gather such as cinema halls, laundries, transport vehicles, office buildings etc. are also vulnerable points.

How do bed bugs spread ?

Transporting of bed bugs infested articles, such as furniture, garments, bedding etc. in which the bed bugs or their eggs may be existing, causes their easy spread.

As they can crawl fast, they infest the adjoining rooms, homes and apartments easily.

Symptoms of Bed Bug bites

The signs and symptoms of beg bug bites are listed below:

  • Bed bug bites are not noticed because it gives no pain. Bed bugs produce anesthetic saliva which has anticoagulant and anesthetic qualities that prevent blood clotting. Bug bites become itchy only after an hour, and in few cases it is felt after few days or even weeks.
  • Appearance of bug bite rash depends on the sensitivity of skin to the chemical secretion from the bed bugs.
  • Most common sign of bed bug bite are small, flat or raised bumps on skin.
  • Normally swelling, redness and itching do occur.
  • Bed bug bites are generally visible, exposing the sequential feedings on different skin sites.
  • If anyone scratches the bite point, it may result in an infection.
  • Even though the bug bite is similar to other mosquito or flea bites; the odor of the secretions, the dark fecal spots on bed sheets and around their hiding points, left by the bugs will expose them.
  • It is believed that the bed bugs do not carry infectious microbes. However the researchers believe that the bed bugs are the possible vectors of American trypanosomiasis. If such thesis is proved to be correct in the future, then bed bugs can also be considered as disease carriers.

Treatment of Bed Bug bites

Following are the ways to treat a bed bug bite:

  • Normally the bug bites need no treatment.
  • However if there is severe itching, steroid creams or oral antihistamines may be applied for relief.
  • For consequential bacterial infections, treatment of antibiotics is required.
  • Use lavender sprays for relief from skin irritation
  • Black pepper, red pepper and black walnut are the effective herbs for bug bites
  • The application of a paste of water mixed baking soda and then washing the bed bug bites after a few hours can reduce itching.
  • One may apply lemon juice and wash after an hour
  • Wash the infected portion with soap and water
  • Apply ice to reduce the inflammation

How to prevent bed bugs

In order to prevent bed bug bites, one can eradicate bed bugs by:

  • Disinfecting the dwelling by low odor spray, or by using aerosol insecticides.
  • Discarding infected mattresses and beds.
  • Engaging in deep cleaning by scrubbing the infested surfaces with brush and vacuum clean for removing bug eggs.
  • Dismantling the frames and furniture
  • Encasing the mattresses
  • Vacuum cleaning the cracks and crevices. Closing all the cracks by filling them.
  • Regularly cleaning the bed linens in hot water.
  • Consulting pest control expert for advice

Pictures of bed bug bites

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