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The black widow spider is quite well known among the 30000 species of spider. Spiders normally do not bite humans; most of them do not even break in through the human skin while biting. But in rare cases, spiders can bite leading to rashes, itching and bumping of the skin. Some of these species are black widow spider, brown recluse and the large sized tarantulas.

How does the black widow spider look?

These spiders are mostly medium sized, has eight legs and the body measures just 0.5 inches in length. Black widow spiders are quite common in the Southern region of the United States, Why the name black widow spider? Well, the name came due to the erroneous belief that the female spider kills it male counterpart after the mating process is done with.

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The Southern black widow spider has a jet black, shiny body with a round abdomen. It has the characteristic red hourglass type growth on the base. The second type o black widow spider is mostly seen in the US, and is called the Northern Black Widow. This one has a pattern of red spots in the middle and the upper part of the abdomen along with a series of crosswise bars that is visible below the body. The pattern of marks on the northern black widow spider is either white or yellow.

Black widow spiders are called nocturnal anarchids, fitting into this category as they are quite active during the nights.

Black widow spiders are categorized as nocturnal arachnids as they are most active during night time. These spiders lover dark corners and crevices for inhabiting. Though they do not stay inside the house, they stay outside like outhouses, garages, storerooms etc. One thing to be noted is that these female spiders attack humans only when theya re feeling endangered or if they have to guard their eggs that are at risk.

Symptoms of black widow spider bite:

The black widow spider is venomous and can secrete protein venom. This venom released by the spider goes into our body while biting and has its sway on the nervous system of our body. Neurotoxin can be quite influential and can make people suffer varied symptoms from mild to serious.

• The very initial symptom of black widow spider bite is minor pain around the area where the spider actually bit you. However, this spider bite is not so serious and can fade away quickly. But in a frame of 15 minutes to one hour, the bite can become even more severe.

• The severity of the bite an also depend on the general health and immunity of the individual. For instance, children and the elderly are more at risk to develop serious symptoms.

• This pain may be localized or even generalized which are accompanied bu serious muscles cramp, stomach ache, fatigue and even tremor. There can be back as well as shoulder pain. In many cases, the severe symptom can also include pain in chest, vomiting, queasiness, breathing problems etc. Also one may note that severe chest pain that manifests due to black widow spider bite can also be misdiagnosed as heart-attack.

• The condition may also exacerbate to blood pressure increasing it radically. There is also increased heart-rate and palpitation due to the bite.

Black widow spider bite is usually not fatal and since the bite from a spider is rare, it does not affect the overall health of the person. However, there are instances of children and the elderly dying due to black widow spider bite.

Prevention from black widow spider bite:

There are ways to prevent black widow spider bite. For instance, you should clean your houses, garages, basements, store-rooms etc clean so that there are no areas for these creatures to hide and thrive. Spiders tend to bite when they are afraid. You can also call for professional pest control services which can not only take care of spiders but also other insects.

Black widow spider bite treatment

There are over the counter medications like aceteaminophen and ibuprofen that can be used to treat mil pain. The home based remedies for black widow spider bite are not so useful. The best thing to do is head over to a doctor whenever a black widow spider bite is present on your skin.

Black Widow Spider BIte Pictures

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