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There are several causes of groin pain in women which may be directly or indirectly related to groin. Groin in the mid region of the body where the stomach ends and the legs start, to be more precise it can be considered as the pelvic region. The pain experienced by females due to groin related issues may be mild to intolerable, depending upon the factor causing the issue. In case of mild injuries to groin, one may not require any special treatment, as it ‘may’ heal on its own. In other severe cases of intense groin pain, a woman may have to go advanced treatment.

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Here are some common causes of groin pain listed below:


  • A physical injury direct to the groin region may lead to severe external pain in the groin. Such injury can be either due to sudden accident or direct hit to the groin region.
  • In case of athletes, too intensive exercises that may impart extreme strain on the groin region due to stretching of any impact may cause pain in the groin of woman. The muscles that take the pressure during such intensive stretch are known as adductors and such an injury is common amongst athletes, especially sprinters.
  • Pregnancy is one of the scenarios wherein groin pain in also experienced. The pregnancy phase as well as the process of delivering a baby involves significant hormonal imbalance. This may also have influence on the functioning of groin casing the pelvic joint to become dormant. During different phases of pregnancy period a female can suffer form groin pain. These pain can be experienced at different region such as hips, lower back, upper region of thigh, genital region etc.
  • Obviously stretched muscles, stressed ligaments as well as tendon fibers may also lead to pain in the groin.
  • Kidney related issues such as kidney stones, etc are also one of the common causes of groin pain in women. This happens especially when the stone traverses through the ureter.
  • Genital infection caused due to bacteria may lead to swelling and lumps in the crotch region causing intense pain.
  • Engorged lymph nodes near or at the genital area is one of the factors that causes in the groin region.
  • Groin pain may also be a result of genital herpes which is a STD or Sexually transmitted disease.
  • UTI or Urinary Tract Infection is another physical condition that leads to similar pain. UTI is more common in women as compared to men
  • Other factors that may lead to pain in the groin in women may include inflammation of large intestine, spasm ischemia, intense pain in the back, injury to spine etc.

The treatment of the condition may vary according to the causes of groin pain in women. There are various treatment techniques and diagnosing methods that may help in coping with the issue. Specific medications and therapies are available in the medical industry to treat the groin pain in women.

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