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Cherry Angioma are cherry red or purple little papules on the surface of the skin. In most cases, it is seen that this skin disease affect people after the age of 40. They are also seen in younger people though not to that extent as the older ones.

Cherry angiomas are also termed ‘ Campbell De Morgan spots” or “Senile angiomas”. They are of the size less than 1/10th of a millimeter or less when they first sprout. With time, the cherry angiomas can enlarge in size, up to even a centimeter in certain cases. People can develop a single cherry angioma as one or a in a cluster format. If there is a cluster formation, it is called ‘polyploidy angioma’.

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Symptoms of Cherry Angioma

1. Little red cherry red or papules developing on the surface of the skin, mostly arms, legs and trunks. They can be formed in the face and neck area also.

2. Since they are close to the blood vessels, on scratching, they can bleed as well


Causes of Cherry Angioma

The reason for the appearance of the skin disorder is not known, and doctors believe that they could be genetic


Cherry Angioma treatment


1. The most common type of cherry angioma treatment is to have it removed surgically. The methods used are electrosurgery, cryotherapy or laser vaporization. These procedures may lead to damage to the surrounding skin due to which many people opt for natural treatments for cherry angiomas.

• Home remedy or natural treatment to remove cherry angioma may take longer time but the benefits are long-term. For instance, you can use apple cider vinegar. Simply soak the area of the skin in apple cider vinegar making it fall off. This practice has to be done daily for two whole weeks to be effective enough

• Crushed Strawberry leaves. Make aa paste of crushed strawberry leaves and apply it every day to remove cherry angioma

• Fresh basil leaves and sandalwood- As clogging of sebaceous glands can cause cherry angiomas, one needs to make the skin breathe free. This can be done by applying a paste of sandalwood and basil leaves to help unclog the sebaceous glands.

• Drink water and have Vitamin E- You should change your diet, eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Vitamin E is very good for the skin, helping the new cells grow fast and cause natural cell repair. Avoid all junk food and oily foods and drink lots of water.

• Minimize stress- Reducing stress can be one of the best ways to get rid of cherry angiomas because the condition is known to deteriorate with stress.

Cherry Angioma Pictures

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