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Flea bites are not only an irritation but their bites are also powerful enough to spread infection and disease. So, if you’re your pet gets flea bites, it is important to get treated so that there is no infection and other complications.


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What do flea bites look like?

Flea bites are in the form of elevated red welts on the skin, and they tend to arrange in clusters. Flea bites look a lot like mosquito bites an can be quite itchy (check flea bite pictures below). Humans can also fall prey apart from animals to flea bites, because warm blooded vertebrates are usually the targets of flea bites. The stain of the skin may increase outside the boundaries of the mump. These bite marks can turn into bloody spots or scabs. However, all these happen due to scratching of the area.


Information about flea

Flea bite on warm blooded mammals because they need blood in order to reproduce. These creatures can go for a year without eating and remain dormant, if there are no hosts. But once a host is visible, giving them the possibility of a blood meal, the flea can wake up from its dormant meal and reproduce.


After feeding, the female flea lays up to fifty eggs per days, usually on the skin or body of the host. Many of the eggs drop-off of the skin or hair of the host and are sprinkled about, especially in the vicinity where the host sleeps. The eggs emerge into larvae in 3 to 10 days. They stay inactive until they are enthused by stimulation from a target host.



Flea bites itch causes

The flea bite itches because these creatures injects secretions into the skin in order to prevent blood coagulation. They anesthetize region so that the area becomes numb and the bite cannot be felt by the host. These secretions then trigger an allergic reations that can resultin raised red bumps and itching.



Complications of flea bite

If the flea bites are not treated correctly, they can become infected and swollen. Flea are known to spread diseases to humans like bubonic plague, typhus, tapeworms etc.



Flea bite on humans treatment

First we should know what a flea bite looks like. The flea bite pictures below can help you understand what a flea bite looks like. You should ash the skin area with anti-bacterial soap and warm water. Rinse the area well and then pat dry the area with clean, soft towel. Apply cold compress on the flea bite region that you have washed with anti-bacterial soap. You can reduce the itching by going to the doctor who will prescribe oral and topical antihistamines. Also avoid the urge to scratch the area. You can promote the healing process by applying anti-steroidal lotions. There are various lotions, medications and bug bite medications that can alleviate the bite, however it is recommended to check with the doctor so that you cannot get a reaction.


Flea bite treatement on animals

The best treatment for flea bite on animals is to get a prescription medication by a vet, who will give medicines like Heartgard, that has to be taken orally or applied on the skin.These medications will successfully kill the flea populace in a matter of hours, and prevent the life cycle of the fleas to continue.



Prevention of flea bite

It is better to check for flea dwelling on your pets like dogs, cats. If you find that there is sign of such flea on your pets then there are odds that you are bitten by flea or else there is a risk of flea bite. You should also clean your attics, furniture, mattress etc as these mites may stay in these places. It is better to get pest control to clean these areas. Vacuum carpets and mattresses regularly.


Flea bite pictures

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  1. Arya says:

    Thanks for the valuable information. Please give the practical and real solution for getting rid of fleabite. I am very sensitive such infestation.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Arya,
    You can go for an oral antihistamine or a hydrocortisone cream that is light, you can ask your skin doctor. Wash the flea bite area with antiseptic lotion and cool water.

    If you want to use home remedies for flea bite, you can dip cotton swab in tea tree oil and clean the area. Luke warm oatmeal bath is also good, you can also try applying calamine lotion, works well for flea bite treatment.

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