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The flu season is here, and social media has come up with a good Flu trends map to know if  you need to go for a check-up or test.  There is the  Esri map that is quite handy,  it gives a good overview of the flu activity in your state.  For instance, in that map, the red areas are the zones where flu activity is the highest.

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If you click North Dakota, for example, you will find information like flu intensity ‘high’. You can even check out tweets and Youtube videos related to the place that will give you an idea of people’s reaction to the flu and how they are coping with it.  A tweet from KaylaMayy Weston@kaiyluh says Ihate throwing up. I felt just fine when I fell asleep. All day for that matter. :( please don’t let me have the flu…The above may not be in-depth reporting but can be a good indicator of how bad the flu may be I you area and if you need to go for tests to prevent an onset of flu to you or your family.

Check out the social media map for Flu trends in USA

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