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Fordyce spots on the lips are seen on both men and women; they are concentrated on the lips; and on and around the mouth area. They are not a sign of any illness or disease, but they can ruin the cosmetic appearance of the person. It may give the illusion to people that a person is suffering from some disease rather than understanding that it is just a minor problem that affects the cosmetic look of the skin.


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Symptoms of Fordyce spots on lips

The lips can become affected by lines or clusters of whitish or yellow spots, pimple-like formations known as Fordyce spots. These spots have been name after a dermatologist John Addison Fordyce, who first discovered them. As aforementioned, they are totally harmless and not contagious. The oral Fordyce spots can affect both men and women, though the percentage of men who get them are more, for unknown reasons. The concentration of the spots around the lips varies from person to person.

Fordyce spots on the lips or mouth are just 1–2mm in diameter in size. They are seen on the lip area when ectopic sebaceous glands are inflated with oil or pus, resulting in the these spots, bordering on the lips. This condition is also called sebaceous hyperplasia.

Fordyce spots on the lips may appear from birth, but are seen for the first time around puberty, and can remain for the individual’s lifetime. However, the incidence of Fordyce spots has been known to lesser with passing age. . Fordyce spots on the lips are asymptomatic, meaning they come without any prior sign. Itching or irriration only happens if you seek a treatment that does not suit your skin.


Fordyce spots on lips treatment

Laser treatments or electro-desiccation can be used with success, if you want to get rid of Fordyce spots on lips. Some times, a doctor will ask you to go for TCA chemical peels though the condition may return. Another way to treat this condition is through Diathermy or liquid nitrogen. Pulse dye lasers that can treat sebaceous gland hyperplasia has been found to give very good results for Fordyce spots on the lips treatment too.


Fordyce spots on lips pictures

Here are pictures of fordyce spots on lips; see how they look on the skin


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