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The presence of ketones in urine is a sign that the person may be diabetic or dehydrated. The medical terminology used for ketones in urine is called ketonuria. There is high incidence of ketones in urine in pregnancy also.


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Causes of Ketones in Urine

Though diabetes is a common cause of ketones in urine, one cannot disregard the dehydration and starving also as a probable cause.


Diabetes – Ketones in urine does hint at diabetes mellitus. If a person is diabetic, the insulin production is inadequate. If there is no insulin in the body, fatty acids are liberated from the fatty tissue. The fatty acids then reach the liver where they are metabolized, leading to ketones as by-product. Diabetic Ketoacidosis is a sign of excessive ketones in the body, which has not been treated. The kidneys are known to filter the urine and remove the ketones; but if the kidneys are damaged or not working properly, the working of filtration is not done, resulting to more problems and toxin build-up in the body.


Lack of carbs-Ketones are also present in urine due to starvation. Starvation can be casued due to postponing diet, malnutrition or weight loss programs. For instance, there are some weight loss programs that say that the person should stick to a high protein diet that may be low in carbohydrates. Now carbohydrates provide fuel to the body and replenish it. If the person is not able to have enough carbs, then there is no energy and the accumulated fat inside the body becomes the main source of energy and is assimilated. This metabolism of fatty acids can lead to byproducts called ketones. If there are high levels of ketones in the body, it means that the body is primarily facing lack of carbohydrates and it is depending on fats for the energy.




Diagnosis and Treatment for Ketones in Urine


The doctor conducts or asks you to do a ketone urine test; there are test strips called Ketostix and Ketur test as well to get information about the levels of ketones in the urine. The person hast o follow the instructions step-by-step as mentioned in the test strip package. The urine collected has to be fresh, preferably the first one in the morning. In case, the test strip gives positive result, it means there are ketones in urine. The doctor may also you to do additional tests to find out the underlying disease or disorder. In case, the culprit is starvation, the doctor will ask you to go for a diet that includes more of carbohydrates. In case, ketones in urine is due to diabetes, the doctor will ask you to take diabetes medication like Metformin or Glucophage and also ask you to go for insulin replacement.



Ketones in urine during pregnancy

Du ring pregnancy, early diaognosis of ketonuria is necessary because ketoacidosis can be a reason for intrauterine death. Though not a high risk to pregnancy in most cases, it is better to reduce the incidence. Ketones in urine during pregnancy can be due to various causes like

1. Skipping meals or snacks

2. Poor eating habits, lack of carbohydrates in the diet

3. Not getting enough calories from the food

4. Gestational Diabetes

5. Hormones that cause insulin resistance, which makes the body unable to obtain blood sugar.

Insulin resistance from hormones as a result of which, the body is unable to access blood sugar


Ketones in Urine During Pregnancy: Prevention

It is important for a pregnant woman to have a balanced die that has all the vital ingredients for herself as well as the baby. So do not skip meals or have long gaps between meals. Eat every three or four hours during pregnancy. Though carbs are important, do not neglect protein because it can reduce the assimilation of carbohydrates which renders the body energetic for a longer period of time. To sum it up, a diet high in protein and carbohydrates can reduce ketones in urine.


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