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The growth of cancer cells in the kidneys is known as kidney cancer. There are a few different types of kidney cancers that affect the adults and the children

Symptoms of kidney cancer

The early stages of kidney cancer may not elicit any symptoms. The advanced stages may show the following signs:

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  • Increased pain in the back region just below the ribs
  • Blood urine that may give a pink, cola or red color to the urine
  • Loss of weight
  • Bouts of fever
  • Tiredness or fatigue

Causes of kidney cancer

  • The exact cause of kidney cancer is unknown. It is thought that mutations of DNA in the kidney cells cause them to grow abnormally and result in tumors. These tumors and cancer cells can metastasize and spread to other tissues in the advanced stages.
  • Some of the risk factors that increase the vulnerability to developing the condition are obesity, being of the male gender, presence of high blood pressure, smoking, exposure to certain chemicals, an increased age of fifty and above, presence of certain genetic disorders and previous instances of kidney failure treatment.

Treatment of kidney cancer

  • Surgery to remove the kidney tumor or an entire kidney.
  • Biological therapy that uses special drugs to boost the immune system and enhance its capability to fight the kidney cancer cells
  • Cryoablation that uses extreme cold to destroy the cancer cells
  • Radiation therapy that uses precision rays of radiation to destroy the cancer cells
  • Targeted therapy that employs the administration of certain drugs that refrain certain activities of the cancer cells

Kidney cancer survival rate

A lot of cancer patients would like to know about the survival rate for a particular type of cancer so as to plan the treatment, lifestyle and future life. However, there are still many others who do not wish to know about the survival rates, just to avoid the mental and psychological disorders that may accompany a diagnosis of cancer.

Most statistics refer to the five year survival rate after diagnosis of cancer. The five year survival rate indicates the chances of survival for at least a period of five years after diagnosis of kidney cancer. It is important to note that kidney cancer patients may far outlive the five year period, after diagnosis due to the advancements in medical science and the treatment methods for various types of cancers.

The survival rate for kidney cancer cannot be generalized in any way. It is just a statistic that is used by the doctors. Each case of kidney cancer is unique and the survival rate of each individual patient of kidney cancer is dependent on a number of other factors such as the overall health of the patient, the patient’s response to kidney cancer treatment, etc. Hence, it is best to contact the oncologist to know about the survival chances of the patient diagnosed with kidney cancer.

The five year survival rate for kidney cancer is listed below as per the stage of the cancer.

Stage 5-Year
Survival Rate
I 81%
II 74%
III 53%
IV 8%
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