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Morgellons disease is a curious, unexplained and controversial condition of the skin wherein open sores or even painful lesions appear on some parts of the body.  But what makes Morgellons disease unique from all other skin conditions is that it has a distinct characteristic that is quite unexplainable as of this time. The unique and strange feature of the disease is the presence of colored fibers sticking out of the open sores. At first, patients suffering from Morgellons disease were told that their problem is unreal and it is just a psychological problem known as Delusional Parasitosis.  However, due to the number of people claiming to have the condition, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has launched an investigation of the said problem.

What are the causes of Morgellons disease?

The exact cause of Morgellons disease is unknown but it is linked to genetically modified foods. According to biochemist, Vitaly Citovsky, the fibers found in the sores have agrobacterium inside. Agrobacterium is used to make genetically modified plants. Morgellons disease is also linked to an unknown variable in nanotechnology. The fibers were examined in the microscope and scientists have found out that the fibers are not human hair, nor natural plant-based fibers or synthetic fibers. The fibers did not come from the patients’ clothing, beddings and other things surrounding them. There was a researcher named Ahmed Kilani who examined the fibers by extracting the DNA found out that the fibers most resemble fungi, algae or could be a new parasitic species. But the precise origin of the Morgellons disease remains a mystery because of insufficient information and data available.

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Signs and symptoms of Morgellons disease

Patients with Morgellons disease often complain of the following:

  • Biting, crawling, itching and stinging sensation on or under the skin. Usually the patient would often describe it as bugs crawling, moving and biting. The sensation may also involve the ears, hair and the scalp.
  • The presence of black, speck-like material and seed-like granules in their skin.
  • Unusual structures or fibers found on the lesions which are multi-colored (black, blue, red and white).
  • Painful lesions or sores which take long to heal.
  • Irregular texture of the skin.
  • Hyperpigmentation pattern on the skin.
  • Fatigue.
  • Hair loss or abnormally thick hair growing on the arms and face.
  • Swelling of the joints.
  • Mental symptoms like memory loss, impaired thought process, inability to concentrate and loss of interest in things that previously appeals to the patient.
  • Changes in behavior.
  • Some individuals with Morgellons disease are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), bipolar disorder or obsessive compulsive disorder.
  • Reduced eye sight and visual acuity.

Treatment for Morgellons disease

Treatment for Morgellons disease is difficult to determine because the exact cause is not yet known. Some claim that some natural remedies could help with the condition.

  • Nutrasilver (suspension of clusters of silver ions) is known to fight against all bacteria, viruses and fungi with no known adverse effects. Those who have been treated with Nutrasilver experienced significant improvement in their condition. The patients reported that the fibers coming out of their skin and the non-healing sores were cured within a couple of weeks.
  • Ayurvedic medicine, which originated from India, can help also in solving Morgellons disease. The main idea in Ayurvedic medicine is eat more acidic and bitter foods as these may help speed up the metabolism and kill the bacteria and fungi. Also, eating well-cooked foods should be done because cooking can kill the bacteria or fungi present in the food, thereby protecting the body from harmful invaders.
  • Alfalfa bath is reported to heal the lesions and stop the itching and bug-crawling sensation in Morgellons disease.
  • The Xango mangosteen juice can reduce the inflammation, relieve muscle twitching and reduce pain.
  • Mustard powder is also used in houses were there are cases of Morgellons disease. The mustard powder is spread in the house because the patients believed that the cause of their problem is in their house. After the lesions healed, recurrence was not observed.

How can Morgellons disease be diagnosed?

Morgellons disease is diagnosed through the symptoms presented. Telling the doctor of the symptoms experienced is a big help for the diagnosis of the disease. The doctor will order a skin biopsy if the symptoms cited are similar to the symptoms of Morgellons disease since the skin biopsy is a confirmatory test for the disease. The fibers that come with the tissue samples as observed under the microscope are described as having a high degree of autofluorescence and have a ladder like structure. Western Blot Test is also ordered since most patients with Morgellons disease have decreased immune system response. Complete blood count as well as culture of the organisms in the lesions is done to rule out any other infections.

Until sufficient studies have been conducted, Morgellons Disease will remain one of the most bizarre and controversial conditions in the medical world.  A thorough investigation and the correct understanding of the disease will lead to better treatment options for those suffering from the illness.

Morgellons Disease Pictures

Here are the pictures of Morgellons disease, find out how the formation appears on the skin

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  1. Texas Texas says:

    “Mental symptoms like memory loss, impaired thought process, inability to concentrate and loss of interest in things that previously appeals to the patient.”

    Seriously???? Yes… because this crap is crawling and biting their entire bodies 24 hours a day and they can’t sleep or function!!!

    What works to sort of control this horror is glycolic acid 35% for your face and spot treatment for sores on the body. Make sure you wash it off when using on the face after 3 minutes. You can use it more than once a day but work up to it because its an acid.

    Red light therapy beds. If you can’t find a tanning place that has these beds then make your own. Get a tanning bed and take out the tanning bulbs put some red light bulbs in it and lay in it for 20 minutes a day. The red light penetrates the skin and kills what is on the surface. UV tanning beds will heal sores also.

    “Some individuals with Morgellons disease are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), bipolar disorder or obsessive compulsive disorder.”

    Yes, and this is in the rest of the population also. This is not a mental disease. This is not contributed by anything mental. This is what the CDC and others would like you to believe as they cover this up and try very hard to keep the lid on this. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! These people are NORMAL with something ABNORMAL crawling in and on them.

    And to those who created this and/or knowingly let it spread to the masses and ruin lives…. We will find you and you will pay dearly. Just so you know… As much as we’ve suffered… so will you.

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