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Mucus is a yellowish, gelatin-like colloid that can be found to occur in various tissue of the body like the lungs, the large intestines, etc. Mucus is manufactured by the mucus membranes. Mucus that is present along the linings of the intestinal tract not only lubricates it, but also protects it and ensures the smooth elimination of feces from the body.

Urine normally has a clear appearance. The occurrence of mucus threads in urine can change the appearance to cloudy. The presence of mucus threads in urine can be an indicator of various defects in the excretory system, the immune system or the reproductive system. The occurrence of mucus threads in urine can also point to other disorders such as cystitis, infection of the urinary tract or calculi.

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Causes of mucus threads in urine

Some of the causes of mucus threads in urine are as follows:

  • The urinary tract is composed of the kidneys, bladder, urethra and the ureters. Mucus threads in urine, is a symptom of bacterial infection of the urinary tract. Bacteria can enter the urinary tract via the bloodstream or via contact with the organism during urination. The bladder is most susceptible to infections by bacteria, but other parts of the urinary tract can also get infected. Burning sensations and pain during urination are the common symptoms of urinary tract infection.
  • Mucus threads in urine can also result from presence of sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea and Chlamydia. The mucus threads are discharged via the urethra during urination. Sexually transmitted diseases can cause the urine to become more cloudy and unclear as well as more yellowish than normal
  • Ulcerative colitis is a condition that affects the mucus membranes of the intestinal tract leading to unique symptoms, including the formation of ulcers. The ulcers are responsible for the secretion of excessive mucus which can travel into the urinary system and excrete via the urethra causing mucus threads in urine.
  • Urachal or bladder cancer which leads to development of abnormal cells in bladder is known to result in mucus threads in urine, along with increased frequency in urine output
  • Mucus threads in urine can also be caused by a condition known as irritable bowel syndrome which causes short-term damage of the large intestine and increased production of mucus by the mucus membranes. Such increased quantities are then often eliminated from the body via the urine in the form of mucus threads in urine
  • The presence of kidney stones can also result on mucus threads in urine along with other symptoms such as increased pain and cramps in the abdomen, discharge of urine with bad odor, etc.

Treatment of mucus threads in urine

It is important to visit a doctor for diagnosis and to find the exact cause of mucus threads in urine. The doctor may then recommend the proper course of action to treat mucus threads in urine.

  • Dehydration can precipitate the presence of mucus threads in urine. Hence it is important to drink plenty of water which will also aid in the elimination of infections
  • Quitting smoking, a healthy diet, abstinence from alcohol can aid the immune system in fighting off infections and prevent future cases of mucus threads in urine
  • Wear a condom during sexual intercourse and maintain proper hygiene in the genital area
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