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Protein in urine during pregnancy is one of the parameters checked during the course of pregnancy. This is verified thru urine test. Urine test during pregnancy is a very important part of a prenatal care. It is performed to monitor any signs of bacteria for possible urinary tract infection or UTI, to check the sugar level for any signs of gestational diabetes, to verify the level of ketones for any signs of dehydration, and the amount of protein in urine during pregnancy for any sign of kidney problems and other conditions.

Low Amounts of Protein during pregnancy

Low amount of protein in urine during pregnancy is normal. It indicates that the kidneys are working harder than it did before the pregnancy. But at times, it can also be a sign of urinary tract infection or UTI. UTI is very common among pregnant women, and as soon as early signs show, the condition should be treated right away to avoid further complications. The woman might be prescribed with approved antibiotics to completely clear the infection. On the follow up visit, the protein level in urine will again be monitored to check the results.

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High Amounts of Protein during pregnancy

Our kidneys are responsible for filtering our blood and removing all the toxins and waste products from our body through the form of urine. The high presence of protein in the urine indicates that something is definitely wrong. A high amount of protein present in the urine is also called proteinuria. There are several causes why proteinuria occurs, they are:

• Pre-eclampsia – it is the most common cause of increased protein level in the urine. This medical condition is associated with hypertension or high blood pressure. It is usually referred to as a set of symptoms instead of a causative factor. There is no known cure for pre-eclampsia but rather, the pregnant woman is advised for early induction of labor or caesarian section to avoid further complications that can risk the lives of both the mother and the baby.

• Alport Syndrome – it is a genetically acquired disorder characterized by hearing loss, eye abnormalities and kidney disorder. A person diagnosed with alport syndrome experiences a progressive loss of the kidney functions which results to high protein level in urine.

• Diabetes – there are many types of diabetes and their effects on pregnant women may vary depending on the form. A combination of diabetes and proteinuria is not a good sign. It can be an indication that the diabetes is out of control and is already causing damage to the kidneys.

• Some temporary causes of a rise in protein level in urine are stress, fever, dehydration, and prolonged exposure to heat and cold.

Symptoms of High Amounts of Protein in Urine

• Foamy urine

• Swollen hands, ankles, and eyes

• Breathlessness

• Headache

• Vision problems

• Fatigue

• Frequent urination

• Nausea and vomiting

• Pain while urinating

• Dark or red-blood like urine

Treatment of protein in urine during pregnancy

Once diagnosed with high level of protein in urine during pregnancy, the health care provider will perform further tests and examinations to determine the underlying cause. Early detection and controlling the condition is very important to avoid complications. With proper diet and taking only approved medications, the baby and the mother’s health will be well taken cared of.

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