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Brian was a skilled footballer who was once performing a match practice with some of his friends at a sports ground close to his home. As he was passing the ball to his friend, he slipped and fell with the head banging on the ground. Brian had a concussion, which is a brief loss of the functioning of the brain, triggered by a severe blow to the head or injury.

The brain is protected by the cerebrospinal fluid and the skull that surrounds it. Due to the impact of the blow to the head, the brain is smashed against the skull, resulting in a concussion. This concussion may be followed by unconsciousness in most scenarios. Though it is more common in people who are into contact sports like boxing and football, head injury is something that can happen to anyone.

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Symptoms of a concussion

Though concussion symptoms may be apparent, in some cases, they may not be easily diagnosed. In some cases, the symptoms of concussion may set in long after there has been an injury to the brain. Here are the signs of a concussion

• Loss of consciousness or seizure

• Brief disorientation and slight confusion

• The person may become irritable and restless

• He or she may appear dazed and heavy in the head

• The speech can be slurred or incoherent

• Sluggishness in motor and visual response. The person may not be able to respond to instructions and able to answer questions.

• Headaches are accompanied by nauseous feeling and even vomiting

• The person is not able to retain focus

• There can be a personality change due to inability to control emotions

• Short-term memory loss

• The person may feel weak and tired

• The person may ask the same question over and over again because he or she is unable to understand or comprehend what is being said.

Causes of concussion

A concussion is caused due to a blow to the head, due to a fall, an accident or trauma to the head due to sport or any such activity. An injury to the head can lead to internal bleeding which may even cause death. It is important to keep the house free of any obstacles or cluttering that can keep a person from tripping or falling. Seat belts must be using while driving, bikers should wear helmets and people in contact sports should wear a good quality headgear.


Treatment of concussion

The doctor is the best person to diagnose a concussion post a head injury. If he or she finds that there is no serious head injury but concussion, the painkiller or medication may be prescribed to treat the symptoms of headache, nausea and such controllable or treatable symptoms of concussion.

The physical manifestation of a concussion can be a bump at the area where there has been a head injury. This can be treated by applying ice on the area, so that the bump can settle down. Also care should be taken so that the ice is not directly applied the spot but with a piece of cloth wrapped around it. Adequate rest, nutritious food and fluids can help patient recover from concussion faster.

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