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The symptoms of ADHD in children is something that people should know about because the restless nature and lack of focus in kids may be something more than what meets the eye.


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ADHD is an acronym for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, as it name indicates, is a state wherein the child has issues concentrating on an activity or task due to short attentions pan. The child develops mood swings which are inconsistent and can vary. The child may feel happy and ecstatic about something at one time, and then the next minute, he or she may not be interested in it.


Symptoms of ADHD in children

The symptoms of ADHD in children can be split into three major categories-hyperactivity, impulsive-behavior and inattention.



Hyperactivity – The hyperactive nature of the child with ADHD is typified by his/her urge to be too lively at all or most times. Often, the child would be fidgety and squirmy. For instance, the child’s parent may ask him or her to sit on one corner but he or she would move to another area in minutes, because he or she feels the need to do so. The child may feel an extreme urge to be a part of a group, that is playing on the field, for instance, and would act silly or do anything to be in that group. The ADHD child is considered a problem child and it can be difficult for others to deal with their mood-swings especially their hyperactive nature. At times, the group may reject the child and the isolation can make the ADHD child unhappy, the result of which he or she may suffer from low self-esteem or become a bully himself/herself.


Impulsivity – The other familiar symptom of ADHD in children is impulsive nature The child becomes very impetuous and energized to take part in almost everything. Sometimes, the child would cut in when the other person is talking, and do not give the chance for the other person to talk. For instance, when a child is standing up and telling an answer to the teacher, the ADHD child may just interrupt and finish the rest of it, even without taking the permission of the teacher. The child reacts in an impulsive nature and does not twice before answering or interrupting anyone.


Inattention – Not paying attention is one of the most common symptoms of ADHD in children – the child has major attention problems. The ADHD child has a very brief attention span and can only focus on one thing When a person talks to an ADHD child, he or she may not pay attention after sometime, because obviously something else has caught his or her attention. The child is distracted easily and finds it tough to finish an assignment or task given by the teacher. This is the reason why the ADHD child finds it tough to understand even easy rules while playing a game or doing a school activity


ADHD diagnosis in children

The parents and teachers may believe that the child may have ADHD if he or she exhibits the symptoms of ADHD children, mentioned above. But to be really sure, these symptoms have to bhe present for at least six months to confirm that the child does have this problem. To confirm that the child has this disorder, professional medical help must be sought.



ADHD in Children Symptoms Effects


If the symptoms of ADHD in children are not checked, it can make the child suffer from low self-esteem. The child may feel let down, because others would treat him or her as outcast. In some cases, ADHD children are known to bully others, as a way to prove themselves as part of the group. Also, the fact that the child is not able to focus properly due to short attention span may make him or her feel stupid. It is the duty of parents, teachers and elders in general to understand ADHD symptoms in children properly so that the best form of treatment and management can be given.


ADHD treatment in children

Some of the ADHD medication and treatment given to children include drugs like Amphetamine, Methylphenidate and Atomoxetine. These medications can help deal with ADHD symptoms in children, like impulsivity and short attention span. The doctor is the best judge on what treatment method and medicines work the best for the child. The parents on their part should give all their love and care so that the child does not feel neglected.



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